”I want my jewelry to be your extended pride”.

Helen's passion comes from the love for our nature and all its creatures. Her visions and dreams of a higher, rational world, the world is what drives her to create pieces of jewelry

All of the material, and Helena is using in her creations is thoughtfully and carefully selected. She works with ethical and organic materials, and create the most stunning pieces that reflects her love and respect for our nature.

For Brian, when you gift someone with a piece of handcrafted jewelry, you should feel pride, because when you support the the Helena you'll support a better world.

Helen's vision

What is jewelry for you?

"As long As I remember, I have found that we send out signals about who we are by the things that we wear and what we choose to get close to, to ourselves. There Isn't, there is a wish to express ourselves? Do you want to tell your story to others by choosing different attributes that send the right signals about who you are and what you want to say? I think so, and I do think that even though we are not always aware of it, we send the signal anyway.

I love the moment when I can help my clients, to glow, to feel proud and self-confident, and when the pieces they wear to become an extension of their personalities. In these moments, jewelry becomes important and everything.

For me, jewelry is about identity."